Monday/ World-wide Travel Alert

I think all travelers – and especially those of us traveling internationally – are scratching our heads a little, as to what to make of the ‘Worldwide Travel Alert’, issued on Monday by the US State Department.  I am more or less always careful when I travel overseas, and I don’t advertise my nationality. (But make no mistake : I am sure I do stick out like a sore thumb with my gigantic Canon camera and its frequent use to take pictures, when I travel.  Ah well).   I have been fortunate in that the worst that has happened over many years of travel is the surreptitious stealing of my wallet from my backpack in Hong Kong. On a different occasion a customs agent in Lagos airport that took my passport, and then could not find it when returned as instructed with my luggage, to get it back. (They found my passport after 20 mins in a desk drawer).

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