Sunday/ Amazon’s book store

I finally made it to Amazon’s book store to go check it out.  The book store is a good size but not nearly as large as a typical cavernous Barnes & Noble book store.  (The world’s largest book store has been on line, for a very long time, of course).  The store seems to offer a carefully selected set of books, almost all with ‘customer reviews’, on various topics.  I was a little disappointed with the smallish sections for math, science and information technology, but admittedly my book preferences may not be very mainstream. There are Kindles on display (of course), and fairly large children’s and youth book sections.   I really hope that there will always be a plenty of book stores around, with new books, old books, serious books and books just for fun.  And I still want at least some of my books – the really good ones that I treasure – printed on paper.

IMG_0442 sm
Two of a very select set of books on information technology in the Amazon book store.

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