Sunday/ arrival in Seattle

IMG_9704 sm
The departure lobby at Frankfurt Airport has big shiny pillars! (And I have too much luggage! But I like to take two bags for long trips, that’s just how I travel).

I had to hustle a little this morning to get to gate Z69 for Seattle at Terminal Z at Frankfurt airport on time.  Several little travel time breaks went against me, and at the airport the automated baggage check machine would not let me check two bags (grrr) and I had to flag an attendant down.   The extra bag fee is €75 ($84), said she – and yikes! no, I’m not paying that, I said.   We got that squared away when I remembered I had a card up my sleeve : a Gold Star Alliance card.  They waive the fee for a second bag.   The passport check and security check was still ahead, but I made it to the gate in good time.   The flight headed out northwest, across Greenland, Canada and some 9 hours later, made its descent in the Pacific Northwest.

IMG_9694 sm
Frankfurt’s Hauptbahnhof (main station). It’s a short ride on an S-bahn (regional train) from here to Frankfurt Flughafen (airport), just 10 mins or so.
IMG_4770 sm
Here’s the 747-400 that took us to Seattle, parked at gate Z69.  I sat in the back of the bus. Check out the cool maintenance hangar in the background.  There were several other US-bound flights from the Z gates that I walked by, leaving at almost the same time as mine : to Miami, to Houston, to San Francisco, to Los Angeles.



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