Monday/ Strand & Somerset West

IMG_9128 sm
Check out this children’s book from a book store in Somerset West with my name on : Speurhond (Sleuth Hound) Willem in New York.

I drove out to Somerset West today to meet up with old friends there.  I had some time to spare beforehand, and stopped at the beach at Strand. (Check out the pink area in the map from Saturday’s post to see where these are).  A few dozen people were out for a walk on the beach, and two hardy souls even braved the cold water. (The Strand’s water is rarely on the warmer side, since the cold sea current from the West Coast usually prevails.  But once in a while the water temperature would be very pleasant).

IMG_9150 sm
The surf shop is closed ! .. but I like the artwork.
IMG_9148 sm
The beach at Strand, and some of the many holiday apartments that line Beach Road on the beach front. (The guy in the picture is flying a tiny drone with his iPhone. Look for the black spec just to the left of the sand-colored building).

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