Wednesday/ got to have a toaster oven

My ‘little toaster oven that could’, a cheap Black & Decker model, finally gave out after 12 years of service, so it was time for a new one.  The new Black & Decker went for $60, but there was also a stainless-steel clad ‘Breville’ brand toaster oven (no, it’s not French or German, it’s made in China all the same).  So I uhm-ed and ah-ed the way I sometime do in the store : do you really need a $150 model?  Well, the more expensive oven won out.  It had more heating elements for a perfect toasted cheese, and the crumb tray at the bottom is super easy to draw out and clean (not the case with the Black & Decker).

IMG_8365 sm
I usually eat toast and soup for lunch when I am at home. More times than not, one of the slices gets Marmite and avocado, and the other tomato and cheese. Yum.

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