Tuesday/ Windows 10

A screen shot of Windows 1.01 [Source : Wikipedia].
Windows 10* will be available on July 29.  Some call it a make-or-break operating system for Microsoft, since Windows 8 was widely panned for its missing Start menu, complexities and brazen attempts to further Microsoft’s business goals (never mind what users want).  So lots of people with Windows 7 need to be enticed to embrace Windows 10, and it is telling that for the first time, the new Microsoft operating system is a free upgrade.

*There is no Windows 9.  ‘It didn’t feel right to call it Windows 9’ said one executive.  How about WindowsOne, to indicate it will serve as one same/ similar OS for the desktop, tablets and mobile phones? Well, the ‘One’ moniker has been used in many other Microsoft products already.  And there has been a Windows 1.0 already after all – back in 1985 when the PC world was in its infancy!

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