Thursday/ R for Rainier

I love this red R neon sign in the windowIMG_8009 sm of the Union Bar in Hillman City where we had a bite to eat on Wednesday night. It is a nod to the Rainier beer brand (which is no longer brewed*), and indirectly to Rainier Mountain and the Rainier valley.  Hillman City is located a mile further south than Columbia City, and in August 2013 Seattle Weekly named Hillman City the “Best Up-and-Coming Neighborhood” in Seattle.    The original neon “R” from the brewery is now on display at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry.

*Correction posted 6/28 : Rainier beer is still being brewed, but by the Pabst Brewing Company that now owns and markets the brand.

IMG_8222 sm
Here’s a 2013 picture from inside the main hall of the Museum of History and Industry in South Lake Union in Seattle with the Rainier brewery display in the back.

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