Monday/ taking all day

I went to the dentist in Seattle downtown this morning, then home to pick up my suitcase and to catch the taxi out to the airport.   We were not directly impacted here on the West coast by the massive snowstorm in the Northeast, but our departure from Seattle was delayed by 90 minutes, nonetheless.  Two bolts were found to be missing from one of the wings (!) and it took time to track down the exact right parts in the warehouse to fix it.    It was 4 pm by the time I left San Francisco airport in my rental car, and of course then traffic through the city to get to the Bay Bridge is everywhere.  I should have taken BART (the train), but I had conference calls to dial into and the train is so noisy, that that would not have worked.  Ah well.  I made it in to work at 5.45 pm just to say hello to everyone before we wrapped it up and went to the hotel.

IMG_6910 sm
Here’s a futuristic magnetic levitation elevator system proposed by Thyssen-Krupp, the German elevator manufacturer (from a magazine at the dentist’s office).


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