Tuesday/ it’s a unicorn!

Tuesdayunicorn made for a loong day. Some of my team’s Functional Specifications were wayy overdue, and so I and two colleagues had to draw a line in the sand.   We sequestered ourselves into a conference room with no distractions, and no one allowed in – just so that we could wrap those up once and for all.    ‘Man! This one is a unicorn!*’, someone said, of the method that we had to deploy for calculating unit costs for work that had been completed.  ‘Unit’ can mean several things; and the calculation is not standard SAP functionality, so we had to understand how several custom programs work, and adapt our project’s solution to it.

*A very unusual creature to find in the woods .. and an unusual requirement that we have not run into, in previous SAP implementations in all our travels around the USA and the world.

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