Sunday/ my bags are packed

IMG_6763 sm
It was blustery and rainy all day, and still like that early in the evening.

It’s time to go back to work and travel out to the project site in the Bay Area again.  Late today I ran out to Bergman’s luggage store in downtown to buy a new roller bag.  The casing and zippers of the one I have are totally fine, but the wheels are coming off !  Not good! Maybe I can have them replaced, but that will take time.  I ended up buying a TravelPro bag that was slightly more expensive than the Samsonite ones. I really wanted a bag with two big wheels, not a ‘spinner’ with the four little ones.


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  1. Hallo Willem, voorspoed vir die nuwe jaar. Ek hoop jy werk lekker en dat alles goed sal gaan. Dit gaan goed met ons drie hier in die Kaap. Liefde

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