Friday/ Hug Point, Oregon

[From Wikipedia] A stagecoach low on a carved-out road at the Hug Point. The rocks and the road surface are still there today.
IMG_6709 sm
In this panorama, Hug Point is on the far left. There are caves in the cliff sides, and a little seasonal stream and waterfall as well (in the middle).

We drove a little up and down the northern Oregon coast on Friday.  When I saw the signs for a turn-out to ‘Hug Point State Recreation Area’, I suggested we stop and go check it out.

I later learned that the name comes from 19th century stagecoach drivers that used the beach as a highway, and they had to ‘hug’ this particular point even at low tide to get around it.

IMG_3410 sm
I’m trying not to get my shoes and socks wet! (Yes – I should have just taken them off and walked through, but the water is icily cold).
IMG_3419 sm
One of the cavernous spaces in the cliff-side.  My friend Tony had to use the flash on my camera to light me up. At high tide the cave fills half-way up with water.


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