Tuesday/ a very, very big Apple

Apple is up almost 50% for the year – quite a feat/ come-back story for such a juggernaut of a company.

Apple ‘s market capitalization is at about US$700 billion : a very, very large number.  (Google is at $US 369 billion).  Will its market cap hit $1 trillion at some time in the future? It certainly looks possible – or probable – would some analysts say.  But it will technically not be the first company with a trillion-dollar market cap.

[From Investopedia]  ExxonMobil’s market value topped $500 billion in late 2007 amid surging energy and commodity prices. It was during this energy boom that a relatively lesser-known entity – and a non-U.S. company at that – achieved the distinction of becoming the first-ever company to be valued at $1 trillion.  PetroChina (PTR), China’s biggest energy producer, achieved this feat on Nov. 5, 2007, when its shares almost tripled on the first day of trading following its IPO on the Shanghai exchange. But the stock could not stay at those lofty levels for long, and by June 2014, it had a market cap of less than $250 billion, which was still enough to make it the world’s 15th-biggest company.

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