Wednesday/ a gorilla in your glass

Uh-oh, were you monkeying around with your smart phone and dropped it? Luckily for you it has Gorilla Glass 4!

I had a classic little kitchen accident today : dropped a glass on the floor, shattering it into big and small pieces.  So I thought : man! glass is terrible, the way it shatters when you drop it.

Well, there’s plastic cups (no, those will not do), and melamine, which is a resin.  I have some melamine serving trays, but I still prefer glass over melamine for dinnerware and well, a drinking glass.

For flat surfaces and touch-screen devices, there’s ‘gorilla glass’, the patented sheet glass from Corning Inc.  It is manufactured through immersion of the glass sheet in a molten alkaline salt bath.  An ion exchange in the chemical process produces a stronger surface that also prevents cracks from propagating.  On November 20, Corning introduced Gorilla Glass 4, which was a significant improvement over Gorilla Glass 3 and also most other competing cover glass in the market.

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