Monday/ the Grand Jury’s decision

A scene here from downtown Seattle, from local television station King 5’s web site.  A small group of protesters making their case for social justice .. but there there are lots of long-standing and unresolved complexities involved in the Michael Brown case, and no easy answers. 

The decision of the grand jury in St Louis, MO was issued tonight : no indictment of the police officer that shot and killed Michael Brown.   Yes, the 18-year old should not have been killed.  And did the policeman really have to use deadly force?  But then the young man should also not have been involved in an altercation with a store clerk (over buying cigars) and then blocked traffic by walking in the middle of the street and then engaged the policeman in hand-to-hand combat after he was pursued and told to stop.

So as I was sitting in my kitchen here, the TV turned off since every single station seemed to cover the event, I heard a helicopter hovering close by.   What’s going on?  I wondered, and then drew the connection : we are having a protest over the Michael Brown announcement even here in downtown Seattle.

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