Tuesday/ Republicans win big

[From vox.com] The Empire State building was lit up tonight to show the Democratic wins (blue) and the Republican ones (red). In most races, and in the end, red won.
Soo .. it was the mid-term* elections here in the USA today.  The Republicans won back control of the Senate, and kept their control of the House.   But Democratic President Obama can veto legislation that comes to his desk.  So if our do-nothing Congress will actually get anything done, remains to be seen.  (I’m not holding my breath).

*Mid-term because it is in the middle of the president’s term.

In my neck of the woods in Seattle, a gun initiative to enforce background checks on all gun sales (also at gun shows) passed.   My property taxes will go up to fund a new pre-kindergarten program, and we will pay 0.1% more sales tax and a $60 car-tab fee to expand the local bus service.  South of us in the state of Oregon, legalized marijuana sales will start in 2015.

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