Sunday/ The Company’s Garden

IMG_3205 sm
I like the leaf and flower motifs in this wrought iron gate by the Gardens.

The Company’s Garden (‘Kompanjiestuin’ in Dutch) at the top of Adderley Street in Cape Town, and adjacent to the South African Parliament, takes its name from the Dutch East India Company who first started the garden in 1652.   Locals just refer to the area as ‘The Gardens’.

I have never really spent time there, and went there yesterday after dropping my friend Marlien at the airport.   The Gardens area is abutted by numerous landmarks, including the lodge house for the slaves who built large parts of the historic city, the present day Houses of Parliament, the Iziko South African Museum and Planetarium, St George’s Cathedral (which is the seat of the Anglican church in South Africa), the National Library of South Africa, the South African National Gallery, the Great Synagogue and Holocaust Centre as well as Tuynhuys, which is used by the President for state events.

IMG_3176 sm
This stone-with-white plaster building is right next to the Cape Quarter building on Somerset Street. I couldn’t immediately find its name!
IMG_3178 sm
There is still a number of Victorian era storefronts in the city, and it’s nice to see they still stand their ground, get renovated and a new colorful coat of paint.
IMG_3185 sm
‘Restored 1991’ says this one.
IMG_3189 sm
This is the main foyer of the Golden Acre shopping center which had its heyday in the 1970s. Those days are long gone with all the action now happening at the Waterfront. The tenants nowadays are cheap clothing stores and fast food places.
IMG_3193 sm
This is at the Gardens, a pedestrian walkway lined with trees.
IMG_3194 sm
This is adjacent to the Gardens .. part of the Parliament building.


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