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The set of Chambers’s Encyclopædia was probably acquired by my great grandparents (printed in 1917).
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Check out the Encyclopedia’s entry about atoms – still very controversial in 1917! This was just a few short years after Ernest Rutherford proposed that matter is made of atoms.

All that remained at my mom’s house at the end of Monday were paintings on the walls, boxes with documents, and stuff in the back yard.

My brother and I stopped several times while we went through the stuff to check out documents. Some go back 30 years, and the set of Chambers’s Encyclopædia goes back – oh, about a hundred years! 

I finally got a quote for shipping three pieces of artwork to Seattle : SAfr R 22,619 (which is US$ 2,310).  What! Are they wrapping the items in gold foil? I said.  Turned out that is for sending it by airplane, that’s why it’s so expensive.

So we had another appraiser come out and provide a quote based on volume.  They fill up a shipping container with items that go to the same city, or at least to the same area, overseas.  It will probably be a few hundred dollars for me. 


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From a pamphlet from General Motors South Africa, detailing the technical specifications of my dad’s beloved 1976 Chevrolet Truck.
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That’s me in the mirror .. the two queen size beds and bases, and their stands, have been bubble wrapped. The dining room table in the back was trouble. Two door frame openings on its exit route, with the door wide open against the wall, would still not let it through as is. So we took the two doors off their hinges, carried the table through in one piece, and put the doors back!
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Here’s a catalogue of the small tools factory that my dad worked at (he was managing director of it) for many years. He would bring home some of the items like the scissors, the metal saw, and the drills, and explain to us at the dinner table what made it a great product!  .. part of the salesman that he was.

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