Tuesday/ busy birthday

IMG_5078 sm
These are Strelitzia, also called Bird of Paradise flowers, or Crane flowers. They are native to South Africa.

Tuesday was my birthday.  I had a lot of stuff to take care of after my mom, my brother and I had gone for a quick birthday lunch.  I tried to transfer the two registered cars from my dad’s name to my mom’s name with a pack of forms laboriously filled out by hand and others from the estate executor in hand, but came away unsuccessful.   The motor vehicle department in Stellenbosch would not accept my US Passport as proof of identity! Has to be a South African ID document. Whoah, people.  I don’t have one anymore.  Be reasonable!  I’m not stealing my mom’s car and shipping it to the USA.

IMG_5052 sm
Waiting at the traffic light. (Yes, I should not fiddle with my phone, even at a red light, I know). Stellenbosch was rain-soaked on Tuesday. It’s a very busy student town at this time of year as well.


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