Thursday/ a bridge, not too far

I am getting an impromptu refresher/ education of the bridges around San Francisco Bay, because I have to.  There is the San_Francisco_Bay_Bridges_map_en.svgfamous Golden Gate bridge, of course, and the Bay Bridge – but until now I have not really paid attention to the other bridges that cross San Francisco Bay.   I had to drive back our shared rental car to the airport. Those in the know recommended I take the San Mateo bridge route, and that’s what I did. Even though it’s a little farther, there would be less traffic to deal with.

The original bridge, known as the San Francisco Bay Toll-Bridge, opened in 1929 and was then the longest bridge in the world. It reopened in 1967 with a modernized span. So with Google Maps’s voice over directions I used many highways and byways and made it to the airport in good time.  But after I had gone through the security check point, I discovered that I left my jacket in the rest room outside the secure area.  So off I went, and I did find it – and again through the whole security rigmarole.  Oy vey.

IMG_4645 sm
Here is our Alaska Airlines plane at the gate at Terminal 1 at San Francisco airport. The cool cloudiness-fogginess from the sea is never far away, even in summer. Check out the fancy new control tower in the background on the left. It will have a modern metal-clad spiral outside, and is slated for completion in late 2015.

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