Wednesday/ back to Walnut Creek

8-6-2014 10-44-58 PM
Here is the route I drove up north to Walnut Creek today.
IMG_4600 sm2
Here’s a giant cut-out billboard in the Salinas area of a farmer presenting his Romaine salad (and check out the cute pooch in the front).

I checked in with the field crew again this morning for 3 hrs or so, and around lunch time started to drive back to Walnut Creek. (Walnut Creek is the name of the municipality on the east side of the Bay where our hotel and project office is).

It was a long drive up! .. partly because I couldn’t resist making a brief detour to Monterey, which made me run into rush hour traffic in the San Jose area.  Man! California has a lot of traffic, I thought.  (Of course, California is not alone in this in the world).

IMG_4590 sm
From Tuesday night : This is 12th Street in Paso Robles, across from the city park. ‘Paso’ as the locals refer to it, is 125 years old this year.


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