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I need some new shirts and pants for work, and went out to Nordstrom’s here in downtown Seattle the way I normally do.  I like the Nordstrom brand clothes best : not cheap, but still good value for money.  It’s not long before a friendly salesperson comes up and offers to help, which is fine .. but I get my guard up when he/ she brings $220 shirts to the fitting room.  The classic ‘up sell’ strategy, it seems to me. The price is never mentioned, just the brand and the quality of the fabric.  OK.  But the few tailored shirts I had made in Hong Kong when I worked in China – of good Italian fabric – cost $150.   The store should come in way below that for a shirt straight off the rack.

IMG_4470 sm
The Nordstrom shirt on the left was on sale for $42, a great value. The Hugo Boss shirt was $90, marked down from $150. Expensive even at the sale price – but I couldn’t resist it.

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