Thursday/ the weather’s fine but there may be a meteor shower*

*one of the lines from the 1981 song ‘Here is the News’ by Electric Light Orchestra

I happened upon a group of stargazers at Volunteer Park tonight right after sunset. ‘I have found Mars!’ said one guy. (Should I have asked ‘Can I see, too?’ I didn’t).  I read on that this is a good time of the year to watch for Perseid meteor showers as well : they come late July and early August.  Watch for them now, is the recommendation. The moon is full on August 10, and its light will interfere with the 2014 Perseids’ peak.

IMG_4476 sm
The white spot in the picture is the wide waxing crescent moon. Mars is to its left, reddish, but I could not see it with the naked eye and certainly had no hope at all to catch it with my iPhone camera ! Follow the moon down to the horizon to see a silhouette of the Space Needle.

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