Sunday/ a picture is worth 1,000 words

Here are some of the interesting pictures I came across this weekend with my iPad (and a Scrabble picture).

IMG_2751 sm
Hey! I discovered I can switch my iPad Scrabble to German. (Yes, I ‘won’ against the computer but 1. I take a very long time to play and 2. I used all 4 of my ‘find the best word’ assists).
IMG_2756 sm
This close-up map of Gaza from the New York Times. They also publish harrowing pictures of people dead and wounded from the war there every day, and families grieving over those they lost.  Can we not live together in peace on the planet? 
IMG_2759 sm
‘Before’ and ‘After’ Images of the block marked on the previous picture.
IMG_2746 sm
There is a severe drought in California and in the south and mid-West of the USA. The darkest red indicates the driest areas.
From the Wall Street Journal : Air travel accidents and fatalities statistics over the decades. 644 fatalities so far this year*, and still 5 months to go. *Does not seem a lot, given how many millions of people travel by air, right? It’s just that it’s shocking to learn of a big airplane crash.

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