Monday/ U-haul #116

I have new neighbors moving in, and so this U-haul Venture-across-America #116 truck with the striking picture of a goshawk from Alaska’s Tongass National Forest was parked in the alley this morning.  The iconic white-and-orange trucks for do-it-themselves movers can be seen anywhere in the country.  I love the gorgeous graphics that they put on the sides of the trucks.   The whole collection can be seen on U-haul’s website, here.

IMG_4427 sm2
Here is the U-haul Venture-across-America #116 truck with the goshawk from Alaska’s Tongass National Forest that was parked in the alley by my house this morning ..


IMG_4437 sm
.. and a fun thing to do is to look for Sammy the U-haul guy in these pictures. See him? A little guy running with a big U  – in the water to the right of the goshawk’s throat.

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  1. Glad to see you enjoy the U-Haul graphics and the search for Sammy U. I am the graphic illustrator that has created all the graphics since 1997 to 2013. I no longer work for U-Haul and have moved on to better adventures, the graphic program has been retired in 2013 and the Venture Across America/ Canada series are no longer being created or printed. However, here is a link to my site with all the graphics, how they’re made, the secret to Sammy’s hiding places, and more .Enjoy.

    Everything about the graphics:

    Hidden Sammy:


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