Saturday/ summer in Seattle

We are into a long stretch of sunny and mild weather days here in Seattle, and Saturday was beautiful outside.  We will still have to see what the summer weather brings, though.  I read on Cliff Mass’s weather blog that we have had the wettest spring and early summer on record here in the Seattle area.  We have now broken the previous rainfall record total for 1972.  It didn’t feel that ‘wet’ to me, but I suppose with all the travel I do away from Seattle, that my perceptions of the local weather are skewed.

IMG_3070 sm2
A lamp post poster I found Saturday in downtown Seattle for an upcoming bicycle festival. Mr Anteater is evidently enjoying his bike ride, with his tongue hanging out (or is he tired?). Anteater is actually a generic name for several species of these creatures, and this one looks like a tamandua. (I suspect a giant anteater would have trouble riding a bike, even in a cartoon).

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