Friday/ the truth about sparrows

I took a package to the post office on Friday IMG_3068 smand as usual inquired what ‘nice’ new stamps they might have.  Yes, the ‘forever’* ones with the little birds on, I said.   The mountain bluebird on one of them reminded me of an article I read recently in the New York Times of a writer whose mother was a member of the North American Bluebird Society (NABS). Their mission : ‘A non-profit education, conservation and research organization that promotes the recovery of bluebirds and other native cavity-nesting bird species in North America’. Sparrows are not native to North America, and said her mother: ‘think of them as feathered sharks’. Read the rest of it here : The Truth About Sparrows.  It is somewhat shocking what some Bluebird Society members will do to save the bluebirds!  But I guess it needs to be done.    

*Note to United States Postal Services : Nothing is forever! .. not even your forever stamps! (Forever means these stamps are good for first class mail, no matter if there are future increases in the stamp prices.  Hmm.  I’m going to wait 20 years and send a letter with one of these stamps).

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