Thursday/ thunderstorm

IMG_2844 sm
The Yahoo Weather app on my phone lit up every now and again with flashing clouds and a ‘lightning bolt’. (63 *F is 17*C).
IMG_2850 sm
I’m just stepping out of my little Prius Metro Taxi. it was still raining very hard .. look closely at the road surface to see the rain coming down.

There were more warnings of tornadoes in the Denver metro area today, and an hour later, that was followed by a severe thunderstorm with lightning and hail just as I was heading out to the airport.

(Hail damaged six Frontier Airlines aircraft at Denver International Airport on Wednesday, forcing them to cancel some 16 flights.  Wow. I wonder how hard it is to fix a fuselage or wing surface with hail dents in. Surely a hair dryer or letting it stand in the sun will NOT do?).

The little Prius taxi cab I was in took quite a pummeling from the cats-and-dogs-coming-down kind of rain, with some hail mixed in as well .. but thankfully none that would damage an aircraft !

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