Friday/ Nest-ing

IMG_2855 sm
Inside the Nest on my living room wall : an internet-connected, smart thermostat.
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.. and here is the outside. It says the temperature in the house is 69 °F (20.5 °C). The thermostat is set to 67 °F (19.5 °C), and will turn on the heat if the temperature falls below that. The thermostat can be programmed, or controlled from anywhere in the world with its wireless internet connection – or it can just be left to figure out on its own when to turn on the heat !
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The view from where I was sitting on my airplane at Denver airport waiting for us to get pushed back from the gate. The storm was evidently over with bright sunlight striking the airplanes.

I made it home on Thursday night, thankful that our flight out of Denver was not delayed by the weather.

On Friday my contractors Bryan and Paul completed the installation of a new fence on the north side of my property, as well as installing a ‘Nest’ internet-connected, smart thermostat inside the house for me. The device has a very elegant look, and can be controlled from anywhere with my smart phone.   (Or it can just be left to ‘learn’ one’s typical daily and weekly schedule with its built-in activity sensors).

Yes, my old Honeywell thermostat was programmable, but there are holidays, daylight savings-time shifts, and simply times when one comes home ‘unexpectedly’ (vis-à-vis the programmed thermostat schedule).   With remote access and control to it, I can warm up my house ahead of time so that I don’t step out of the taxi cab and into an icebox. 

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