Friday/ Bird Street

I went into Stellenbosch on Friday afternoon looking for a few items : food for the house, printer paper and ink .. and the house needs a new washing machine.  The old one has been at it for 15 years and finally broke down completely.

IMG_2160 sm
Papegaairand (‘Parrot Ridge’) street runs into Bird St. One of the suburbs in Stellenbosch is called Onder Papegaaiberg (‘Lower Parrot Mountain’). Those are oak leaves in the street, these are all turning brown with winter approaching.

A lot of these businesses are found along Bird Street here in Stellenbosch, so that’s where I went.  There is also a suburb called Onder Papegaaiberg (‘Lower Parrot Mountain’) here .. with the nickname Voëltjiesdorp (hard to translate, something like ‘Little Birdy Town’).

IMG_2168 sm
A ginger and white cat enjoying the autumn sun on a restaurant table in Bird Street here in Stellenbosch!  Cat!  Shoo!

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