Saturday/ snow in the city

Seattle’s weather report for Sat. night. After the temperatures in Denver this week, 34°F/ 1°C does not seem so cold at all !

It is snowing here in Seattle.  It started around 6.30 pm, just as we walked a few blocks from my house to the Thai restaurant on 15th Ave.  Earlier I understood from the weather forecast we could expect a few flurries and not much more, but the time we left the restaurant at around 8 pm, the snow had already started to stick on the streets. It is powdery and dry, and goes crunch-crunch-crunch as you step on it on the sidewalk.

IMG_0884 sm
Here are Dave, Bill, Steve, Paul, Ken, Gary and Bryan. We had just stepped out of the restaurant and are waiting to cross the street. ‘Hey! Take a picture of us instead!’ they yelled, as I was taking a picture of the intersection.
IMG_0915 sm
This is 17th Ave here on Capitol Hill around 10 pm. There is about an inch of snow on the ground and on the streets, and not much more is expected.

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