Friday/ all things Russian

I watched the Games’ opening ceremony that ran on NBC here in the USA on Friday night, and I have to admit I liked the artistry and cultural images and pageantry.

IMG_0807 sm
Marc Chagall was a Belarusian-French artist. He died in 1985 at the age of 97. We should all take up art – it makes for a long life?
IMG_0814 sm
Alexander Pushkin is considered by many to be Russia’s greatest poet. But he only lived to 37; died in a duel (with swords, I assume) with a French officer that tried to seduce his wife.
IMG_2426 sm
It was said that one of the ceremony’s most enduring images for the audience was that of the glowing white troika of horses and chariot immortalized in Nikolai Gogol’s novel ‘Dead Souls’.
IMG_2444 sm
This scene must have been very impressive as well; modern technology enabled a football sized (or bigger?) image of a ship sailing across moving waves in the ocean to be displayed on six gigantic screens built into the ground surface. On the ‘deck’ of the ship there were 10 or 12 real human ‘sailors’.  The ship sailed across the floor, and then in a clever move the sailors disappeared from sight by clambering into the black rectangle (a box or something like that)  on the deck.

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