Sunday/ Queen Anne walk

Go, go, go! get out of the house, I said to myself at 4pm, before it is dark.  I didn’t want to go to the gym, and it was bearable outside (only just) to go for a walk.   So I took the No 8 bus down Denny Way and to Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, and walk around there for a bit, and back down to the Space Needle.

IMG_0496 sm
This odd urban park (no grass, just gravel!) is called Counterbalance Park. It is at the corner of Roy St. and Queen Anne Avenue North. I should have stayed a little while longer, because the walls are lit up in rainbow colors at night. It is just starting to show in the picture. NOTE : The panorama picture bends the lines in the middle of the picture. In reality the building is a perfect rectangle, and the low wall with the blue light runs in a straight line.
IMG_0492 sm
This is right about 5.00 pm. I’m making my way down the steep Queen Anne Ave North. It’s up high enough to that the Space Needle and downtown Seattle’s skyline is visible; even Mount Rainier in the distance just to the right of the Space Needle.
IMG_0518 sm
And here is the Space Needle up close as I walked by it.

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