Monday/ snow day

IMG_0532 sm
The temperature here in Denver was 18 °F (-7°C), with light snow falling. It’s all relative! I see Chicago was at -4 °F (-20°C) today. It’s been a harsh winter in Chicago.
IMG_0529 sm
The view from the 18th floor onto Denver downtown’s 18th Ave around 6 pm shows that the street surfaces are still clear of snow, not not so the sidewalks.

We made it in fine this morning from Seattle.  We landed early even though there was light snow falling at Denver airport.  But the snow persisted all day long, and had not stopped by the time we closed up shop at the office.  So my colleague and I walked two blocks in the snow to a restaurant, had our dinner .. but then called a taxi to take us the eight blocks to the hotel.

It looks like the sun will come out tomorrow, but then there’s more snow in the forecast for Thursday and Friday.

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