Monday/ taxi trouble

My early morning flight out to Denver today went without incident (because I was sleeping most of the way).  It was a different story trying to get to Denver downtown from the airport, though.   The one part was our mistake (my colleague’s and mine) : agreeing with a friendly guy to share a taxi to the city to save a few dollars.  He was dropped off first, and the detour added about 30 mins to our trip to the office.   The other part was not our fault, though.  The entire I-270 highway was closed in both directions from 3 am to 1 pm.   Turned out a fugitive was shot in the early hours of the morning by the local police (non-life threatening injuries), and the highway was closed in both directions for an investigation.   So what should have been a 30 min ride, took 1 hr and 40 mins stuck in traffic.  Oy vey.

IMG_0272 sm
This is 16th Ave in Denver downtown with the Hard Rock Cafe’s guitar neon sign on the left. I am walking to the hotel from the office, and it’s a nice change not to have freezing and icy weather outside.
IMG_0267 sm
Here’s Monday morning’s sunrise, as we fly toward Denver from Seattle.

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