Saturday/ it’s the Seahawks

IMG_0254 sm
From my TV screen : This is Taima, an augur hawk. I assume the bird is handled by master falconer David Knudson (shown in the Seahawks website).
IMG_0262 sm
Another shot from my TV screen, showing the stadium and the weather conditions at the start of the game.

So the Seahawks got it, with a win of 23-15 over the Saints.  The Hawks will host and play in one more game (tickets start at $415). That final playoff game to get to the Superbowl that is in New York City this year, is Sunday Jan 19. Meanwhile, I ran all my errands on Saturday, also tracking down my vacation mail that was still held at my request by the US Postal Service.  Boy, did they made me work for it.  USPS moved the mail hold location from my local post office to the SODO (South of downtown) district.  I finally found the right building, and with some luck, someone that found my mail. There were no signs, no door and no service counter. Come on USPS, you can do better than that!  By the time I got out of there, the fans had started to show up for the Seahawks playoff game. The hardy ones had been tailgate-partying in parking lots around the stadium since early morning already, not seeming to mind the blustery conditions.

IMG_0249 sm
The view from the building on 4th Ave where I picked up my mail, looking north toward downtown. The first stadium after the McDonalds golden arch is the baseball stadium. The football stadium is further in the distance. Parking at local businesses and parking lots ran from $20 to $40, depending on how close to the stadium it was.

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