Thursday/ ready for Reykjavik

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The hand luggage tags shows the black volcanic rock from Iceland. About half the country consists of a mountainous lava desert. The highest point: is Hvannadalshnúkur at 2,110 m (6,400 ft).
ICE 00000 Vektorar_Routemap_agust2013 lq
Here’s a cool route map from with Iceland in the center. Our flight from Seattle will take us over Greenland.

I made it to Sea-Tac airport, and checked in, through security.  I have a flight just under 8 hrs ahead of me to Reykjavik where I will sleep over one night. Then on to London and South Africa.  I get to Reykjavik on just about the shortest day of the year, with the winter solstice upon us. At this time the daylight in Reykjavik lasts all of 4 hrs and 7 mins!  The temperature is around freezing (0°C/ 32°F), so not ‘too cold’.  Still, I picked a hotel in downtown so that I don’t have to venture too far in the cold to see some of the city.

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