Tuesday/ evening walk

It was so nice outside tonight that I went for a walk instead of sitting on the stationary bike in the hotel’s gym. Here are some pictures, of the Colorado Convention Center here in downtown Denver, and of the Denver City and County Building, dressed up in Christmas lighting.

IMG_9664 sm
Here’s the view of the convention center from Welton St and 14th Ave. I’m not sure how popular the public bicycle rental program (front) has been. I certainly have not seen many bicyclists on the streets!
IMG_9672 sm
Here’s the Convention Center’s ‘Big Blue Bear’ peering inside. Colorado does have bears in its national parks : black bears.
IMG_9676 sm
A nice touch, the picture of a penny-farthing bicycle from the 1880s on a bicycle stand across from the convention center.
IMG_9625 sm
Here’s the front of the Denver City and County Building, awash in Christmas colors and decorations.
IMG_9654 sm
And here is a panorama view that I generated with my iPhone’s panorama picture function.

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