Monday’s done

IMG_9596 sm
Here is the scenery from my airplane seat around 6 am en route to Denver. It is icy and snowy below, but the temperature in Denver is actually undergoing a big upswing, on the way to 64°F/ 17°C for Tuesday.

One last Monday to get up early, and then that’s it for 2013, I thought this morning as I got up.  And maybe TSA at Seattle airport knew that : they made me stand in the regular security line today (gasp) : the one where the traveler has to take his/ her computer and liquids out of carry-on bags, and take jacket and shoes off.  (Usually I get to go through the Pre-check line, where that it not needed .. but that designation has to appear on one’s printed boarding pass).  At least it has warmed up really nicely here in Denver.  The forecast calls for temperatures in the 60s here (15+ °C) on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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