Black Friday/ caveat emptor

So Thanksgiving Day behind us, the shopping for Christmas can start in earnest.  This year the Black Friday sales events at stores started on Thanksgiving evening already, on Thursday. The ugly face of capitalism clashing with family time? Yes. Should there be a law to keep stores closed? Probably not. Can a store force its workers to come in on Thanksgiving Day?  Of course.  But then it may have to deal with an unhappy workforce (or maybe it will keep the store in business, and save some jobs?).  Doorbusters! 30% off ! screams the headlines.   But most items were not meant to sell at the ‘full price’ at any time of the year, anyway.  It’s marketing hype and marketing theater.   As had been said already in the times of the Roman empire : caveat emptor. Buyer beware.

IMG_9417 sm
It’s out  of control !  The Seattle Times of Thursday was overflowing with Black Friday flyers, from car dealers and all.  And Black Friday now starts on Thanksgiving Thursday, actually.
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Hey Portland ! Trying to steal our consumers, are you? (A flyer targeting Seattle area residents to drive down to Portland, Oregon. There is no sales tax in Oregon but a high state income tax. Washington has a sales tax close to 10%, but hey : we have a ZERO state income tax).
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A took a little walk in the Interlaken Park green space here in the city, close to my house. The fog lifted a little later, and it was a beautiful day.

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