Saturday/ o! it’s an o-no

An ono (or a wahoo) is a kind of mackerel .. but has a mild, snow-white flesh that is often compared to the taste of albacore (tuna). The fish is very fast and caught by sport fishermen. It is not endangered.  The fish grows to some 4 to 5 ft in length, but specimens as big as 8 ft have been caught.
IMG_9429 sm
Coastal Kitchen served up the ono with pasta, kale, cabbage and sun-dried tomato. I liked it, even if there seemed to be a lot of butter in the pasta. I’n not used to buttery or oily pasta.

My friends Dave and Michael and I were at the Coastal Kitchen here on 15th Avenue on Saturday night.   The ‘special’ menu item is ono, said the waitress. Ono? Is that a white fish? I wanted to know. (Yes).  And so I ordered it, but had to look up the fish at home.   Ono is its Hawaiian name; it is also called a wahoo. (Not to be confused with Yahoo, of course).

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