Tuesday/ a million miles .. or more

Chris Burton
Chris Burton’s name appeared on a billboard in the New York City area. Here is the picture he tweeted. (Check out the response from South African golf player Gary Player).
Tom Stuker in front of the Boeing 747 named in his honor for logging 10,000,000 miles on the airline.

Chris Burton is vice president for global sponsorships at the technology company SAP, and writes in the New York Times about his extensive travels around the world .. also that he has racked up 6,343,603 miles on Delta Airlines.   Which made me wonder how many miles I have. Well, I added it up for the three airlines I travel most frequently on, and it comes to 1,316,314 miles.

Then there’s Tom Stuker, the real-world equivalent of George Clooney’s character in the 2009 movie ‘Up in the Air’ that logged 10,000,000 flier miles on United Airlines.   United named a Boeing 747 in his honor.

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