Wednesday/ holiday weekend rush

The days are so short this time of year! – the sun sets shortly after at 4 pm.  So when there is a long holiday weekend just ahead as well, it adds a sense of urgency to get things done before night has fallen and everyone is settled in, and you are not.  So I write two e-mails for work, and then took some old clothes to Goodwill, dropped old electronics and light bulbs at a recycler and also made a stop at the Asian grocery store Uwajimaya.  I cannot claim that I am a foodie, but I do like to ogle all the fresh and outlandish food that is on offer there.  I came away with more mundane items like green tea from Japan, and a six pack of Asahi beer.

IMG_9386 sm
Octopus tentacle for sashimi .. sashimi is raw meat or fish, sliced very thin.
IMG_9387 sm
I have no idea how one eats or serves up horned melon .. put it in a salad, maybe?  These are from California, says the sticker.

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