Friday/ going home

IMG_8701 sm
An Air Canada maple leaf at the check-in counter.

The week, that had me in and out of three hotels and three cities, is finally done, and I’m leaving the maple leaf country.

I need to get a Nexus card to speed my way through customs here.  My US Global Entry credentials is not enough. One would think that it’s good enough, but no : you get through the US Customs in a jiff, then the Canadians that handle the airport security line say no! we don’t care.  Go stand in line with those 300 other people for security. Ha!

Cylinder and box-shaped condominiums and offices, also as seen from the freeway out of downtown Toronto, some connected with sky bridges.
The taxicab is stuck in Friday afternoon traffic, but at least I have the CN Tower to look at. And it’s always a good thing to have extra time to make it to the airport -which I had.



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