Monday/ there may be a meteor shower

Here is the news
Coming to you every hour on the hour
(Here is the news)
The weather’s fine but there may be a meteor shower..   – From the song ‘Here is the news’ by Electric Light Orchestra (1982)
IMG_7945 sm
A shooting star! Quick, Snowy, make a wish! says Tintin. This is on the opening page of Herge’s Tintin book called ‘The Shooting Star’.


The Perseid Meteor Shower of 2013 (it comes around every year) is said to be more visible than usual with the moon out of the way.  So late last night I did go outside and tried to see a ‘shooting star’ (a misnomer for a meteoroid), but with the trees and the clouds in the way I had no luck.  I think it will help to have a powerful telescope as well !

Perseid Meteor
Here is a spectacular picture of a Perseid meteor seen from the Mojave desert in California. (Twitter picture from Paul Dellegatto with credit to Wally Pacholka).

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