Sunday/ back from Hansville

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Here’s a live sand dollar with its deep purple spiny covering. There are plenty of sand dollar shells to be seen on the beach and in the shallow water after the tide had gone out.
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We were treated to a beautiful sunset in the western sky on Saturday night.  This is about 8.30 pm and the sun has just disappeared below the horizon.
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This is on the way back. We’re about to drive onto the Kingston ferry for a short trip across the water to Washington State’s mainland.

We all went out to Paul’s ‘cabin-in-the-woods’ (it’s really a house) in Hansville on Kitsap peninsula and some of us stayed over on Saturday night. ¬† The peninsula is covered with pine trees – very green – and surrounded by water from the Puget Sound. So the tide comes in and goes out, and there are sea gulls, bald eagles, heron, kingfishers and osprey to be seen. (I need a long-range telephoto lens to have any hope of taking nice pictures of the birds, though).

Hansville trip 2
Here is an outline of our trip. We went out on the Bainbridge Island ferry. Then it’s a 40 minute drive up north to Hansville (purple dotted line). On the way back we went with the Kingston-to-Edmonds ferry, and drove south on I-5 to the city (red dotted line). The Naval Base Kitsap is close by (round marker on the map), but we were not lucky enough to see any submarines come in or go out to the open sea.
IMG_1379 sm
This steel bridge joins the north end of Bainbridge Island with the Kitsap peninsula. It is called the Agate Pass Bridge and opened on October 7, 1950.


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