Tuesday/ green tea, and black

IMG_7948 sm
The teabag is a pyramid-shaped fine nylon mesh, and that’s roasted rice with the green tea. And check out the tag, designed to latch onto the rim of the teacup. How fancy is THAT?
IMG_1443 sm
I haven’t tried the black English Breakfast tea yet. The cute little guy on the packaging reminds me of a ‘jelly baby’. (A gummy candy that has been around the UK and South Africa forever, but that never really caught on in the USA. I wonder why not?).

Check out my fancy pants green tea that I bought on Monday, along with some black tea.  I’m trying to revive my liking and taste for green tea that I acquired in China.   The green tea is up against serious competition as my favorite hot beverage : black English Breakfast tea and Starbucks’ medium-roast coffee.  The green tea needs to be steeped for only a minute (or even for only 30 seconds).  It’s fun to let it cool down, and then swallow it in three or four big gulps. Its roasted rice/ green tea after-taste sits on your tongue for a while.

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