Wednesday/ Antelope Island State Park, Part 2

Antelope Island State Park smSo here are ‘real’ pictures of the State Park.  I jumped at it last night when we got back to the hotel, and drove out there.  I only had my cell phone with me, but it was good enough to take some pretty spectacular pictures.   It was very dry and very warm (99 °F/ 37°C), but there is a musty, salty smell in the air close to the water.  There are ‘beaches’ and campgrounds in the park, and some hiking trails.   I think one needs a shower after swimming in the Great Salt Lake, though! (The beach that I stopped at, had showers).

IMG_7868 sm
A roadside plaque explains the history of the causeway that was built to connect the mainland to the northern part of the island.
IMG_7875 sm
This sign is on the island itself, after you have driven onto it using a causeway that connects it to the mainland.
IMG_7880 sm
This is the view from the causeway, with water from the Great Salt Lake on both sides, and looking east towards Salt Lake City.
IMG_7838 sm
This is a view from the causeway looking south.  The Great Salt Lake’s water is very shallow here but makes for a giant ‘earth’ mirror.
IMG_7848 sm
This is on Antelope Island .. that brown speck in the middle of the picture on the right is a bison!  I couldn’t get much closer, and the cell phone has a wide-angle lens which makes it appear to be far away. There is about 500 bison on the island ..
IMG_7852 sm
.. and the antelope that the Park is named after is a pronghorn antelope.  There is a female antelope on the left of the picture, looking at me. She was waiting for me to drive on, and then she scampered across the road to join her mate on the other side.  The island has some 200 of these antelope, about 500 mule deer, and 120 California Big Horn sheep.

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