Sunday/ Invergordon

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This is 10.10 pm at Saturday night and we are at about 58°N 3°E. The sun is just setting over a cliff north and west of us (the sun here sets north west, not west). We are having a post-dinner cocktail in the Skywalker lounge on the uppermost deck aft of the ship (the colored dots are reflections in the window). The sun would come up again just 6 hours later.
Dunrobin Castle
Here is Dunrobin castle viewed from its garden. The castle itself was built in the 1300s, but the French garden was laid out much later, in 1850. The bird in the inset is a golden eagle from the falconry, one of several birds of prey there tethered to their perches, but hopefully they are all taken good care of. They seem to be. The daisies are from the garden.
(Right) Scotsman Andy Murray appeared on the cover of the Sunday Mail even before his victory this afternoon in the Wimbledon final; that is the Scottish flag on his ‘superman’ chest.
(Left) This is a comic strip book I bought at a grocery store here.
‘Oor Wullie’ is as far as I can tell ‘Our Willie’ with a Scottish accent. It’s a collection of comic strips that appear in the Sunday post. In one episode he appears on TV as a prank and the heading o f the cartoon reads ‘Pa isnae pleased to see that wee mannie on TV’.

Invergordon is where we moored on Sunday morning.IMG_7546 sm  The sky was blue and the air was crisp: a beautiful day on the Scottish highland.   We went out to Dunrobin castle near the village of Golspie, about an hour from Invergordon.  We made a little detour through the village of Tain.  (I would have loved to go to Loch Ness nearby to check out the ‘home’ of the Loch Ness monster, but there is only so much to fit into one day at the shore).

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  1. Sounds like you have having nicer weather now. You didn’t miss too much with Loch Ness. Well, I guess we did indeed spot Nessy when we were there as most people do. It is easy to find a monster when you are looking for one. A recent study suspects that movement of the earth under the lake causes the large ripples that people mistake for Nessy. But, I think we need to believe what we want to believe! Tomorrow Edinburgh, right? You will love it. You might want to buy a tapestry!

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