Saturday/ at sea

IMG_7530 sm
My cellphone picked up enough signals to show our position at sea. This is around noon on Saturday.
At Sea collage
The main picture is from the stern earlier today when we walked around the ship on the promenade deck. The wind was blowing steadily across the bow (information from our stateroom’s closed-circuit TV). The sea conditions changed from ‘slight’ most of the previous days, to ‘moderate’ today. We could feel the ship roll last night.

We’re making our way up around the northern part of the British Isles.  It’s all Scotland here, and our next port- of-call is Invergordon.  To get there we have to go all the way around the north and then east and south, some 500 miles from where we left Greenock port (Glasgow area) on Friday night.  It’s been blustery and raining most of the day, and we’ve seen some rocky outcroppings in the sea, and some coastline on and off during the day when the rain and fogginess allowed.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a bit of a rough ride. I suppose that is to be expected at the North end of the Isle. The promenade deck is my favorite. On every cruise I used it to exercise….walking around it as many as 20 times. You really have to watch the bow end….it can get wet and slippery up there. Hold on!

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