Monday/ Cobh, Cashel and Lismore

IMG_7394 sb
This is early Monday morning. We are arriving at the little port town of Cobh.
IMG_9307 sm
We are sitting on a bench in the upper garden of the castle in the town of Lismore. The brilliant red roses behind us smelled like only roses can.

Early on Monday morning, our cruise ship made its way into the little port town of Cobh (pronounce ‘Cove’, the Gaelic name does not have a ‘v’) this morning.   Cobh was the most important point of emigration for Ireland right into the 1960’s, and the last port of call for the ill-fated Titanic in 1912.  Cork is not far away, but the excursion that we selected for the day took us elsewhere.  A big coach bus took us via the M8 motorway (freeway) to the town of Cashel to visit the ‘Rock of Cashel’, a combination castle-cathedral.  Maurín (‘Maureen’) told us all about the surroundings and some Irish history on the way.  We were served us a hearty lunch of vegetable soup, boiled potato, diced carrots and chicken, and then we took a winding road back to the cruise ship with stops at the towns of Lismore, Midleton.   I would say the stop at Lismore and its garden was the highlight of the day.

IMG_7417 sm
I had a Guinness for lunch. Dark (from the roasted barley it is made of) with a thin creamy head.
IMG_9168 sm
This is on the way to Cashel, on the M8 motorway. Plenty of meadows with cows on the roadside. The road signs are in English and Gaelic.
IMG_9251 sm
This is the graveyard at the back of the Rock of Cashel.
IMG_9302 sm
A view of the castle at Lismore, from the lower garden.

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